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Monday, February 17, 2014

"In Search of the Kushtaka" The New Book by Dennis Waller coming March 2014

What are the Kushtaka?
There are incredible stories of the sinister Kushtaka or “land otter man” as it is known by the Tlingit’s all throughout Southeastern Alaska. Whether these stories are the stuff of legend and myth remains to be seen. However a legend that endures over time, endures for a reason, leaving us with the question. Is the legend and myth of the Kushtaka something that really exists? Is it based on actual events or the byproduct of a vivid imagination of a people unable to explain the unexplainable?
The purpose of this book is to explore this amazing mystery, to see if we can unlock the door to the Kushtaka and discover the truth. Joseph Campbell said myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life, that a myth helps you to put your mind in touch with the experience of being alive. In this case, in order to experience being alive, we might have to experience being scared to death.
The Kushtaka are mystical shape shifting creatures with supernatural powers. They are masters at waging psychological warfare with the ability to twist time and space creating anomalies that defy the laws of physics. It is said they possess telepathic abilities. Encounters have told of the unsuspecting victim having their worst nightmares brought to life, as if the Kushtaka were able to draw on the fears of their intended targets.
The Kushtaka are considered evil and treated with a level of trepidation among the Tlingit. It is believed that the Kushtaka deprived their victims of everlasting life thus not allowing for the victims soul to be reincarnated. These creatures appear to the victims as in the form of relatives or friends to confuse the victim. Their primary purpose is to lure the unsuspecting target away from their homes in order to turn them into Kushtaka. On the seas, the Kushtaka are feared for taking advantage of the Tlingit’s in their canoes. They prey on the drowning by expediting the Tlingit’s demise by creating these disastrous events. 
Adding to the mystery is the location of their habitat. The Kushtaka are said to live along the southeastern coast of Alaska hidden away in the deep rugged rainforest that even today remains mostly uncharted and unknown to man. Protected by rough seas to the west and insurmountable mountains to the east and north, these creatures are literally cut off from the world you and I know. If someone or something wanted to drop off the face of the earth, this is one place where you could do it. With names like the “Bay of Death,” it’s easy to see how someone could disappear in this lonely vastness, never to be seen again.
Some consider the Kushtaka to be a cousin to Bigfoot while others believe the Kushtaka are multi-dimensional beings. There are no photos or videos, no cast of their footprint. There have been no reports of the Kushtaka named Harry having dining with the Henderson’s.  Nor has anyone claimed to have a Kushtaka stuffed and mounted. These creatures are much more mysterious, almost as if Stephen King himself created them. 
Kushtaka or Kooshdakhaa is a Tlingit word meaning “land otter man.” The Kushtaka is on one hand the nemeses of the Tlingit people, yet necessary to their Shamans who play a critical role in the survival of the Tlingit people.  The Tlingit people are as mysterious in their beliefs as the Kushtaka making for strange bedfellows. 
In Search of the Kushtaka
The Kushtaka are these mythical creatures of the Tlingit Indians of Southeastern Alaska. Throughout history to modern times, there are stories of the people who have cross paths with them. The book takes a look at the mythology of the Tlingit along with the relationship between the Shamans and the Kushtaka. With breakthroughs in science, we'll explain how these creatures can indeed exist. We'll also demonstrate that these mysteries share the same stories as those from around the world.  
Thomas Bay also known as the Bay of Death will be a focal point in the book. Located in Southeastern Alaska off the Frederick Sound at the Bay of Death, aptly named as this is where a landslide washed over 500 souls to their icy graves into the bay. There is a story that claims that their fate was sealed when their shaman broke his covenant with the Kushtaka, retribution for breaking the code of silence. We have found three people who share their encounter with the supernatural. Hollywood couldn't make this up, it is beyond logic and reason.
"In Search of the Kushtaka" promises to be an entertaining and educational read offering a fresh perspective to the world of Bigfoot. Coming in March 2014