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Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for bombing Pakistan, vastly increasing troop numbers in Afghanistan

Ladies and gentlemen ... from the cheats that gave Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize for lying about 'global warming' ...

Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize for bombing Pakistan, vastly increasing troop numbers in Afghanistan and either continuing or expanding all the policies of George Bush who was called a 'man of war'

You couldn't make it up? This is Obama. They ALWAYS make it up
The Nobel Peace Prize, instigated by the armaments manufacturer and inventor of dynamite, Alfred Nobel, is a tool of the Control System to promote its agents of deceit by giving them an image that is the opposite of what they really are. For goodness sake, it was 'won' by the war criminal and and genocidal maniac, Henry Kissinger.
That's like giving an animal protection award to the guy who runs the slaughterhouse.
This is yet more confirmation, not that it is needed, that Obama is the Control System's man to the core of every cell. He is a blatant fake they are desperate to sell as a 'world statesman' they can use to pied-piper humanity into ever greater tyranny while smiling sweetly and reading the telepromoter full of other people's words.

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