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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Soul of the Butterfly

The Soul of the Butterfly
Written and translated by Jouni Sakari, 5th May, 2009.

Once upon a time, a butterfly was born as a human being. Oh ! Did he miss his wings, his ability to fly.

He always admired the beauty of the flowers and was surprised for the fact, that it seemed that not all of people could see their beauty.

He thought that he was a peculiar exception. But then, one day, he heard music and he remembered who he was. It just happened in a moment.

Wings grew in his back. And they had eyes on them. Oh ! How beautiful they were in their colors of shine beyond expression. And so powerful was the strength of their vibration. He was so happy, full of bliss, thinking “Oh!, I wish to give my ability to see beauty for those, who miss it.”

Since he had lived as a human being, he knew how hard the life could be without beauty, without the ability to see it. So he decided to find the way to those, who were blind. For them to see the beauty in freedom as he was able to see in his self.

The most beautiful colors of his wings he let shed in a bowl, in order to make a nectar, that gives the eyes of beauty to human beings.

Since he could pity for those, who could not see the beauty, he cried, and the tears of his eyes he poured in the bowl. Being human was his way to do it as he could.

The nectar glimmered and shined. The beauty of the butterfly had stayed without losing anything of its original beauty. Its wings had changed stronger and even more gorgeous.

He closed his eyes and took the shimmering bowl in his hands.

Lift it on his lips and swallow a mouthful of the cool nectar he said: “May the sorrow, that I have felt, turn to wisdom for every human soul and open their eyes to see the beauty of their own soul, and the beauty of all creation mirrored!”.

He gulped another time and said: “May the colors of my wings, the essence of my beauty turn eternal symbol of soul beauty, and be seen as a permanent ability to see it in oneself, may my wings open in every soul to see freedom in beauty and beauty in freedom. May it be so, that it is granted for every soul.”

Third time he swallowed the nectar. Staying some time in silence he finally said: “May my sincere wish become true for every souls to find in joyful peace, in love and harmony in every time, every dimension, and every situation”.

And since there is great tendency for the wishes to become true, every soul has had a permanent beauty in oneself ever after.

Sometimes it needs tears to open the vision to see that. Many butterflies have eyes on their wings, to remind and to make remember in this dimension to look the beauty of freedom.

This is also why this story was told, because butterfly never forgets his life as human. Also because, human never forgets his life as butterfly, what it is like to be a beautiful soul.

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  1. Oh ! I am so happy to find my text here , and I read it three times , and found "some minor errors" in the translation , but they do not seem to matter . * smilining * .

    This is a beautiful world , and it can be made even more beautiful when more and more people open their eyes to see the miracles of creation .

    As reality and imagination are con-current , then imagined beauty is becoming reality . Also kindness and truth , caring and sharing .

    I am grateful that my little story has been noticed , I wish it brings joy and ultimately , also freedom (which is a true inner quality).

    Blessings from my Heart to your Heart and all those close to your Heart .

    <3 <3 <3

    Jouni Sakari