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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What did you do Yesterday?

This is an interesting question that is deeper than it seems. The answer one gives is a clear insight to whether they are on the path to enlightenment or blinded by the materialistic world. Most people will answer with a brief description of the previous day's events, a list of this and that's. A list of description void of any real meaning. These type of replies are from superficial minds, an afterthought of an answer.

So many people are trying to live life that they forget to actually live life. They're always thinking about what needs to be done and what has been done, they fail to see the world in the present moment. So busy with life, they forget life. They are living a mechanical life because they have become mechanical people. Void of any true feeling or emotion. Completely detached and separated from the world.

For those who are aware and awake, the world appears vastly different to them. Instead of a list of things done, they have a meaningful basket of soulful experiences. For instance, an enlightened woman standing on a corner waiting for the light to change will close her eyes to feel the breeze dance and caress her hair while listening to the music of a bird nearby. Or marvel at the beginnings of a glorious sunset instead of worrying about the traffic.

Trying to explain enlightenment would be like me telling you to go out and catch a cloud, it cannot be done. This is the same problem with describing enlightenment. It cannot be grasp by the thinking mind, only by the feeling heart. This is the key to knowing how to live life. Learn to go through your day with your heart instead of your mind. Take your mind off the senseless nonsensical nonsense of what you think is important and get re-connected to the world that you are apart of.

Within enlightenment is the joy of knowing the interconnectedness of all things and the awareness of the collective conscious of divine intelligence. Learn to look at life with eyes of appreciation for the creative nature of our world. Stop being mechanical and start being human. For what you will see will be yourself, open your eyes and recognize this aspect of your life.

So when someone ask you what you did yesterday, you'll have the answer, the one from your heart. Live life!

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