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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Indigo Children, Part One by Dennis Waller

Indigo Children
Excerpt from Are you an Indigo? Your guide to Self Discovery
By Dennis Waller

Part I

A recent question about Indigo Children begged to be put down on paper, so I have started this series of articles on the topic in hopes of getting the word out to more people who have been blessed with having one of these children in their lives. If you have a question about anything that pertains to the special children coming into this world, my contact information is at the bottom of this article.

Most of the questions I have received from parents of Indigo Children are what and how to deal with them. These parents seem to have lost control of their children and are extremely frustrated. The parents are generally at their wit’s end. The main problem is conventional methods of raising children don’t work with these special children. You have to get creative and think outside the box, and throw away what has previously worked in the past because that approach just doesn’t apply to Indigo Children.

Raising these gifted children can be rough on a parent or caregiver, and I know because I have two! The first thing you need to know is that you cannot have too many rules. Keep it simple and practice common sense. Have faith and trust in yourself that it will be okay. Just come from a position of love, understanding, patience, tolerance, and equanimity and it will be fine.

These children are generally thought to be out of control, rude, selfish, lazy, defiant, rebellious, and head strong and I am sure they view their parents as stupid, cruel, out of touch, and tyrants. So, what else is new with children, especially teenagers?

Indigo Children are here to help usher in a new era. They’re here to break down the old paradigms of society. They’re to show us the way to a higher state of Consciousness and Awareness. They will be the guides for Humanity in the transition into the next level of Spiritual Evolution. Indigo Children have no patience for systems that don’t work; they’re here to bring change. It’s either get with the program or get out of the way! It’s this Warrior mentality of Indigo Children that we as adults are having issues with. This defiance against systems lacking in Integrity is prevalent among all Indigo Children. It is this inability to conform to broken systems that we don’t understand. We don’t recognize these issues and this is a root to our problems.

When an Indigo Child acts out in a negative manner, they are rarely consciously aware of their behavior. These acts are more of an outward expression of the internal anguish and confusion within them. For the most part they do nothing of malice. Their behavior is only trying to convey their fear of being inadequacy and insecurity. They sense unfair treatment and their self- protection mechanisms kicks in creating a disconnection and indifference toward adults of all kinds. Remember, their aim is to irritate you but to inform you in a complex way of their internal conflicts and turmoil. So, listen and digest the event before responding and look for the hidden messages. It is imperative to act in an intelligent and constructive way rather than dishing out standard punishment.

One of the biggest issues with Indigo Children has to do with school. I see where a lot of Indigo Children are labeled as being ADD or ADHD. In most cases this is brought on due to the Child suffering from BOREDOM and not because of ADD or ADHD. In dealing with this issue it is important not to try to solve the problem by medicating an Indigo diagnose with ADD or ADHD, this isn’t a question of a chemical imbalance, it is a merely a misunderstanding that can be resolved by taking the time to investigate the core issues at hand and addressing them. The bigger issue here with the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD isn’t with the child as much as it is with Society trying to take these children and molds them into the image that Society deems that is expected of them.

The issue with Indigo Children is that Society is trying to force a Dodecahedron into a square hole, it doesn’t work, therefore the problems associated with these children and ADD and ADHD. Find a way to challenge them and to find their interest. Once an Indigo Child has found their calling, they are off and running. It is like watching a Stallion run with the wind on the plains after being set free from the confines of an unyielding structured environment.

How do you know if your child is an Indigo? Here are a few of the common traits and characteristics found in Indigo Children.

1- They interact with unseen people, spirits, angels or animals. Display psychic abilities.
2-They often speak at a very early age or not at all because they could communicate telepathically.
3-They seem at times to talk in a way that is years ahead of where they are. Have at times a wisdom that is beyond their years.
4-They are very drawn to natural objects, like crystals and plants.
5-Seem to get along with animals very well. Seem to be their happiest when connected to nature. At times, seem to have a connection to animals and nature that is stronger than the connection to people.
6-They have paranormal abilities, a sixth sense, a knowing of events that cannot be explained like a change in the weather or the coming on an unexpected guest. Photographs showing them surrounded by unusual lights, mist or orbs.
7-When playing, they tend to sit in geometric shapes, like in a triangle when there are three or in a pentagram when there are five of them playing. They have a fascination with Sacred Geometry and numbers.
8-Having mistrust or dislike for structured organizations such as religion and school. Have a strong sense of detecting dishonestly. Have a loathing for systems lacking in integrity. Unable to deal with dysfunctional systems.
9-Symptoms of past lives bleeding through into their daily activities such as seeing a photo of a street scene of Paris and having a knowledge of it or seeing an item in a museum and telling you about it with such details as to defy logic. These symptoms of past lives usually start to disappear after their sixth birthday.
10-Labeled as being overly sensitive, signs of being Empathic. Appear to be emotional drained by being in crowds. Seem to require a lot of alone time. Diet and environment are issues.

If some of these traits describe your child, then she or he might be an Indigo. In dealing with these children keep in mind what it is like for them. These children are at times scared to death. They don’t know what to believe or how to interpret the world around them. They are trying very hard to make sense out of it all and at times feel lost and alone. They are having a difficult time in coming to terms with their gifts. Remember they are Old Souls trapped in the body of a child and they don’t really quite understand the why or how.

It is not only your responsibility to be their parents but also be their guide in their transformation into adults and coming to terms with being an Indigo. This comes down to a mutual respect. In order to create an environment of respect parents will need to offer guidance, tolerance, patience, and love. Become more of a guide and consular over being a traditional parent. These children are here for a reason and a mission, help them achieve their goals.

One of the hardest issues parents have with Indigo Children is to allow them to make their own mistakes. Let them do what they can for themselves. Resist taking over their every move. They need to learn from their mistakes and the consequences of their actions, good or bad. Give them the freedom to figure it out problems on their own. Instead of giving an order, give them an option. For instance, instead of telling Matt that he is going to wear a certain outfit for school, let him pick out a couple of different outfits and work with him to select the best for both of you. Choices over Absolutes, Negotiation over Oppression, an open forum for discussion works best for Indigo Children.

Remember Parents your children chose you for a reason. They are here to help you as much as you are to help them. You have as much to teach them as they will teach you. You are their guides in this world. Treat this has a gift and a blessing. Show them how to look at the world with wonderment and grace. Show them to respect all living creatures and beings. Teach them to be nonjudgmental. Practice with them the value of tolerance, patience, and acceptance. Teach them and practice the meaning of responsibility and accountability. Don’t shield them from the truth. Honestly is the rule, trust in them, they will be able to handle the truth. If they ask a question, give them the answer. Embrace their talents and encourage their interest in whatever subjects that excites them.

Together you are on a spiritual journey. Practice harmony and tranquility, remember they are divine souls. Become a safe harbor for them in this chaotic world. Let them know that no matter what the world may bring, there will always be a safe place for them with someone there that loves and understand them. Teach them how to attain serenity. Give them the tools to discover being spiritual and let them find their way.

Indigo Wisdom of a Child

Sometimes the wisdom of an Indigo Child can take your breath away with a wonderment of where it came from and how. This story is about the wisdom of Victor a boy who has an understanding way beyond his six years

I was brought into this form in a small suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota called New Hope. From a very young age my mother knew that there was something different about me. This never changed. By the age of three, I was picking out my own clothes and showing a creative artistic side of myself that would stay with me even until the present day. By the time I started kindergarten I had already learned to read and write. It seemed that symbols and patterns came very easily to me.

Oddly enough, in sight of this, I didn’t find school engaging at all. I found very little interest in what the classroom environment had to offer. Needless to say I didn’t do too well in school due mostly to my lack of conformity. I found little interest in most of the toys that were popular in that day, and in fact preferred to sit for hours in my sandbox in the back yard and carry on lengthy conversations with what appeared to be no one there.

It was around the age of six that I had my first confrontational run-in with organized religion. My brother, whom was two years older than me, had started catechism classes to prepare for his first communion, and the church my family attended hosted Sunday school classes at the same time as the catechism classes were in session, so my mother insisted I attend. After a few weeks of child Bible study we were given a simple quiz to see if we were absorbing any of the materials offered. On this particular quiz there was a question that asked: Jesus Christ was: A.) Man B.) God C.) Spirit, to which I circled all three. While one of the Nuns was retrieving the quizzes from us she noticed my answer to that particular question, and brought it to the attention of the Priest leading the class. The Priest walked over to my seat and proudly stated something to the effect of, ‘Young man, you have answered this question incorrectly, you must circle only one answer, you have circled all three.’ I replied, ‘But you taught us that he was all three.’

I think that must have embarrassed him, because he then looked around the room at all of the giggling children, and then looked down at me and asked, ‘If you are so smart then can you solve this riddle, If God is all powerful, can he create a rock that he himself cannot lift?’ Without any hesitation, I replied, ‘Yes, He created your heart, which is so heavy with sin that He cannot lift it to Heaven.’ There was far too much silence after this, and then he asked me to leave the classroom, that I was a disruptive influence, and that my sassy mouth would not be tolerated. It was at this time that my mother intervened and took me by the arm and marched me out of the room and to the car where I sat waiting for my brother’s catechism class to be released. After that incident I simply refused to have anything to do with organized religion.

My relationship with public schools and most formal regimented left-brained learning institutions didn’t change very much over the years, and this put me in a somewhat awkward position with regard to society. Although I was certainly smart enough to earn straight A’s, I found no interest in rote memory and reciting back what passed for facts or useful information, but behind which was little or no expressed meaning. I loved to watch the grasses and trees swaying in the breeze. I loved to watch the flowers and the birds, oh, how I loved to watch the birds. Everything you need to know about this universe, you can learn from a flower or a bird. Nothing is hidden from us except for that which we choose not to see.

I must admit, this is a profound example of the depth of wisdom of an Indigo Child. Listen and ask questions to discover these insights and gifts from these Angels. Be their guides on their journey; keep an open mind and heart. The rewards are beyond description. Remember this above all else in your trying journey, they chose You to guide them on their journey, so treat it as an honor and embrace the perfection of the Divine. You have been blessed.

In part two of this series, we will discuss the importance of diet and environment for Indigo Children who display strong Empathic abilities. What you need to know to protect your child from emotional vampires and what foods to avoid. We will also cover the difference of Indigo and Crystal Children. Is your child here to tear down the existing broken systems or to rebuild new ones? Warrior or Teacher? These questions will be answered in next month’s addition of Indigo Children.

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