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Monday, May 24, 2010

Kicking the Can down the Street, or, The end of the USA as we know it

I am not going to impress upon you facts, figures, charts and grafts. If you haven't bought into the coming collapse by now, you are not going to until it is in your living room.

There has been enough information posted here over the last year to serve anyone with more fact and figures than one can digest. Now is the time to decide what you are going to do.

The stock market is being kept up and the precious metals market are being kept down through manipulation. The little 1,000 point drop that happen a few weeks back was called by insiders at least 3 days before the fall. What does this tell us? It tells me that the big boys are getting out of the markets and going into cash.

Same with the Oil, Copper and other commodities. When in recent history have you seen the price of gas go down going into the summer. Why? Because the big boys know what is coming and they want out now and they want cash. Why cash? So when the markets collapse, they will be in a position to come in and be able to buy for penny's on the dollar.

So, what does this have to do with us? Why does the markets have to do with kicking a can down the street? Imagine our National Debt as a can and our Government is the kid kicking the can. Now, here is the problem, the kid is running out of street. He is fast coming to the end of the street and there is nothing but a gutter at the end and that is where the can is going.

When this market melts, our Government will try to save it once more by throwing money at it, or throwing the money at the banks, the same ones that brought this all about. But this time, it ain't going to work.

Want a prelude to what is coming? I would suggest looking at some videos of what happened in Greece. There will be riots in the streets, shortages of food and gas, and massive layoffs. I can even see partial Nationalization of some sectors as well as Bank Holidays.

While this will pass and things will get back to some kind of normal one day. The fact is, A Catastrophic Event will Happen! That can has been kicked long enough down the street. The USA can not keep up with the debt that is carrying and any negative movement will bring the house down.

So, what do you do? How about thinking about what you buy before you do. Do you really need it or just want it. How about trying to stock up on at least a months worth of food, have a few cans of gas in the garage. Have Cash on hand, get away from debt. Learn to live on less and realize that you are not what you have, but rather who you are. Nobody is going to care if you are in a Lexus or a Ford. Cut back and get to a simpler kind of life, get more involve in your family. Get the hell away from the TV and start reading books again. Get into a good neighborhood bible based church. Re-learn the value of being a good family member, a good friend, and a good neighbor. Put back a little extra for those who will be caught short.

You don't need to voice your opinion, Let your actions be your words. Get involved in your local politics, support someone with values that you agree with, values that are based in common sense. Do what is right, even if it the price is high. Live a life of high moral character and surround yourself with other people with the same values and morals.

All it is going to take to get through this is a handful of people that remember what made this country what it is, and Willing to make the sacrifice to do the right thing. A knowing of our history so you may teach those who don't know. Educate them in the meaning of what our founder fathers meant for us. Teach them the meaning of the Constitution. Teach common sense. Having respect for your fellow man and for our Police out there. Let them know that you are on their side and there to support them. Remember, we are all one family, living in one house, the USA.

The way to bring our country through this is to start with yourselves and your neighbors. It will be a battle of one street at a time. One town at a time, One State at a time.

This isn't the first time this has happen and wont be the last. We have pulled through it before and we will again. It will be hard and blood will be spilled. There will be times of darkness and times that it will look hopeless. But think about our fore fathers, the ones that were at Vally Forge, at Gettysburg, the people that live through the Great Depression.

I welcome times like these. When times are good, the good and the bad look so much alike. When times are bad, that is when the good comes to the top. That is the time of Heroes to shine. And Lord knows, we are in need of a few.

As for me, I'll feed my brother, I'll clothed him, I'll provide him with a warm place to stay, regardless if he is a D or a R, from a Blue State or Red, because at the end of the day, regardless of the who, he is still my brother and even the less among us, deserve our love and respect. That my friend is what made us great and will again.

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