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Saturday, May 29, 2010

See What 2 Million Dollars of your Tax Money does for 24 Low Income Families

by D Michael Waller

Want to get really mad, I mean mad to the point where you will wake up and do something? I don't care if it is nothing more than telling your friends about this. There is an effort in this country to create a permanent under class society. Watch this video and check out the web site. This is happening all over the United States. Who do you think these people are going to vote for in the mid-terms and in 2012?? For someone who needs to tell them in the name of tough love,, the madness has got to stop or someone who is telling them, that they have the right to the great life without having to earn it. This is going too far and needs to stop while we, the awaken ones still have a voice.

Let me break it down, the Federal Government gave this Company in Colorado Springs 2 Million Dollars to buy this project and finish it. It is a 24 unit Apartment Complex, meant to be a upper end complex. Just look at the video. That is $83,000.00 per apartment so the poor folks in a shelter can have a decent place to live for next to nothing, paying the rent with our Tax Dollars. That I understand, but where is the incentive for them to improve their life, get a job and move out and up if the Government is giving them this? What about all those hard working Americans working at or near the minimum wage or our Military Family's? How would you like to live next door this this, and your paying market price and working your butt off to keep your head above water?

Is it me or is this going too Far?


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