" Are You an Indigo? Discovering Your Authentic Self " The Book by D Michael Waller

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why Are Most Peoples' Life a Living Hell?

Most people don't control their mind; they don't instruct their subconscious mind because they don't control their thoughts. Most people are not even aware of the thoughts they have everyday,and they don't choose their beliefs. Instead you mind constantly sends the wrong messages or wrong instructions to your subconscious mind.And that's how you end up creating the life you don't want.You want to be successful and happy, so do you have thoughts and beliefs that reflect success and happiness? You don't actively choose your thoughts.Instead you leave your mind on autopilot, accepting whatever thoughts it conjures up and then you begin to believe these thoughts. You don't choose your beliefs; you merely accept what your mind and what other people tell you.You may want to be successful and happy.You may do everything you can to be successful and happy.But if you're not enjoying the success and happiness you want then take a moment to analyze your thoughts and beliefs. You'll find that what you think is the exact opposite of what you want to achieve. Sure you want to be successful but you really don't have any thoughts or beliefs that suggest you can be successful. Whatever you want to achieve you can if you have a belief system that allows you to succeed. If you want to make more money you have to have a belief system that says you believe you can make more money.If you want to meet the right person you have to believe that you can meet the right person. If you want to succeed at something you have to believe that you can succeed at it. So how do you create beliefs that correspond with what you want to accomplish? First think about what you want to achieve.Then ask yourself if you really believe that you can accomplish your goal. If you don't believe you can there's work to do and you're going to have to change your belief system so that it allows you to succeed. To change your belief system you have to analyze your thoughts. List all the thoughts and beliefs that you have about achieving that goal.For example: if you want to make more money but you're not making the kind of money you want then list why you don't think you can make more money. Now change those thoughts to correspond with what you want. These are your new thoughts, statements or affirmations that you should think and recite through out the day. Replace those limiting thoughts with these new thoughts. If you want to achieve success and happiness then you have to create thoughts and beliefs that will allow you to achieve those goals. Begin changing your thoughts. Begin creating beliefs that work for you. Eliminate the negative thoughts and beliefs. Thanks Karim Hajee!

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