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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Global Chess Game by D Michael Waller

There is a global chess game taking place and it seems that for the most part, no one is aware of it. This particular game is being played on the chess board and the world serves as the board. In this game the two players are The United States and Russia.

Just look south to South America. Columbia is a pawn in this game for the US matched up against Venezuela, the pawn for Russia. I have posted news stories about the military build up that is under the disguise of fighting the Drug War in Columbia by the US. The Drug Problem is not with Columbia, it is with Mexico, but yet we are doing nothing to Mexico. While Hugo Chavez is getting into bed with Putin with the missiles, armaments and trade agreements with Russia we are doing the same with Columbia. Even Ecuador is starting to open talks with Columbia in the event of having to pick sides in this coming showdown. The question is, What is in it for the US? Is it to sell arms? Is it to control the region? What is the real reason we are there? What is so important that the US and Russia are there and in this region. Why does the US need with this military build up in Columbia?

Why is a private defense contractor like DnyCorp doing in Ecuador and Columbia killing innocent farmers in the name of the United States? DnyCorp had a 600 million dollar contract to spray coco fields in Columbia but instead went after farmers who were growing food crops and livestock in Ecuador. DnyCorp, the same company that trained Columbians Troops and other insurgent groups to fight the FARC, FARC is the opposition force to the current government in Columbia. The training grounds and practice facility's were in Peru before starting on Ecuador and Columbia? DynCorp has always functioned as a cut-out for the Pentagon and CIA covert operations. So, again, why is this taking place?

On the other side of the board we have the pawns of the US - Iraq, and Afghanistan. Russia has Iran. Do you really believe it takes this long to root out a few folks out of a couple of caves? This war in Afghanistan is nothing more than a ploy to be at the front door of Iran, we are already on the side of the house of Iran by being in Iraq. Iran has always been the end game for the US. Iraq was the way into the game. Just think about it? We knew what Hussein had, hell, we got the receipts of the weapons of mass destruction that Donald sold to him to prove it. It is Iran that was then and still is the perceived threat. What is this threat? Is it the nuclear weapons?

And now, we have Russia warning us to tread lightly with Iran while the Reptilian French President Nicolas Sarkozy is waving his frat hand signals as he said, "We cannot let Iran acquire nuclear weapons because it would also be a threat to Israel " What is in it for France? Why is Sarkozy getting involved? What about Israel is so important to France that Sarkosy is coming to their aid? Is France a pawn for the US?

The X-factor in this game is Israel. They know that Obama doesn't have their back and refuse to be a sacrificial lamb in this game. I wouldn't be too worried about the US and Russia, it is Israel that the world needs to be concerned with. This is the same Israel that is advertising to keep their blood pure and to report Jews marrying Non-Jews to the government while killing
Palestinians because of no other crime other than just being there?on their own land?, [ sound familiar? maybe back around 1933? ]

Why are we spending millions of dollars in Iraq on a state of the art Embassy if we are, according to the current administration, leaving soon? Why do we allow Israel to commit war crimes that are as horrific as anything Saddam Hussein did? Why don't we care about the Palestinians the same way we cared about the poor folks in Iraq or Afghanistan? Where is the US or UN on these crimes? Why can one radical regime be allowed carry on while another is singled out to be made over in the name democracy to free the people?

Think about all the conflicts that the US has been involved in over the years. Behind the facade of the enemy was Russia or China. When Iraq was our friend in the war against Iran and Afghanistan during the 80's, we poured arms, money and training into fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and Iran. A few years before this during the mid 70's, Iraq was our enemy when Iran was our friend. One needs a scorecard to keep up with the players, they seem to be jumping sides on a regular basis. One moment they're in, the next, they're out. Why?

Vietnam, lets take a quick look at this one. The war exacted a huge human cost in terms of fatalities, including 3 to 4 million Vietnamese from both sides, 1.5 to 2 million Laotians and Cambodians. Plus the death of 58,159 U.S. soldiers during this conflict in the 60's. Was this conflict nothing more than a show of how far we are willing to go, to let Russia and China know that we will not back down, regardless of the cost? What were the real reasons that we were there? To protect these folks who when Ho Chi Minh asked President Woodrow Wilson to make Vietnam a US Protectorate, was told no, that Vietnam served no use to the US. During the Vietnam War, the North Vietcong were supplied by China and Russia. What change during this time that the lives of 58,159 American Solder's became expendable? And, more important, what change for us to get up and leave? What purpose did this conflict serve for the US interest?

Lets take a look at Bosnia in the 90's. The United States used both "black" C-130 transports and back channels including Islamist groups to smuggle weapons to the Bosnian government forces via Croatia. These Islamist troops were supplied and funded by the US. Now here is the crazy part that makes no sense, these troops came from Iran. This was about the same time of the first Gulf War. So somewhere, Iran became a friend when we needed troops in Bosnia. Where was Russia in this conflict? The Serbs received support from Christian Slavic fighters from countries including Russia. Again another conflict that behind the facade of these two minor players lays the US and Russia. What was the end game in this conflict. What purpose did this serve? Was this just another ploy to exercise new war games with real human lives in the balance? What US interest was at stake?

Time and time again over the years, we can find these wars and conflicts comes down to these two players. Why are they playing this global game in these parts of the world? All these conflicts were nothing more than a global chess game for these elites, the puppet masters pulling the strings of who we think are our real leaders. A high brow game of who is the biggest cock in the hen house. These games serve as a proving ground for new weapons, an excuse for military build up. Who is really behind this? Who is making money off these conflicts. Who is benefiting? Who is gaining from these wars?

If you have followed along this far, let me throw you a curve ball. How many Americans know that the United States Army, the 338th out of Detroit, fought in the Russian Revolution? And fought on the side of the Reds? Yes, American Soldiers fought and died on Russian soil in the name of Lenin. Why? Because the English needed help in protecting their oil interest in Russia. An agreement had been made between the English and Lenin to support the Reds in exchange of keeping the English oil interest intact. That is where the US came in. The very same folks that we died for, in the name of oil, have been our enemy for the past 90 years.

JFK knew the truth to these questions and paid the ultimate price for wanting upright the US. He paid with his life, wanting to set us back on the path of what our founding fathers intended. Listen to his speech that I have posted here on this blog to hear for yourself. He knew, knew too much.

It was never the intentions of the founding fathers in creating the frame work of the Constitution for us, as the US to be playing a game of chess with the lives of innocent people in the balance against a foe that we will never defeat. Had JFK lived, I doubt that we would be in this mess today, there would never have been a " Vietnam " where 3+ million Vietnamese died. We need to take care of our own yard before running off to deal with someone else's yard.

Back to the chess game, why don't we take care of our own here in the US? Why do we need to prove whatever point it is that they feel needs to be proved? We created more problems than what we solved. Maybe if we spent this time and money here in the US, we could have border controls, We could have a nation where English is our language and only language! Where the concept of GOD is still respected instead of Gay Marriage.Where our kids could still pray in school. Where free speech isn't under threat. We would not have unemployment in the double digits. We wouldn't be in debt to the very people that want us to fail. We could still be a nation known for exporting quality goods instead of exporting debt. Maybe we could have a country that is run by us instead of the banking industry, socialist, fascist, and the elites. Maybe those 15 million folks that need health care would have it,, just maybe,, if we weren't so busy playing chess with the world,, just maybe

If we didn't play, would there even be a game????? I just wished the folks on the hill cared about us as much as they do for the game,,,,

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